Prior to the unveiling of the 2017 Tesla Model 3, CEO Elon Musk had said that falcon wing doors would arrive on either the compact sedan or its crossover sibling, the Tesla Model Y. It’s pretty clear now that the latter would be the one with the wings.

But that could change, considering the tricky predicament faced by the automaker over the recurring problems on the wings of the larger, more complex Model X.

Even after several over-the-air software updates, there hasn’t been fewer reports on technical issues pertaining to the lavish rear doors.

Musk has admitted that several months back that although he’s optimistic that Tesla would eventually get it right, there has been a lot of difficulty refining the software that operates the doors.

The latest issue has to do with safety, that the doors would invariably shut even if there’s an arm in the way, pointing to a risk of accidental amputations or crushed bones.

Whether or not the next update would fix that remains to be seen, though there looks to be a long way to go before this falcon wing saga is done and dusted. Do you think Tesla would make good on its word to offer the same or perhaps improved wing doors on the Model Y?