Due to punishing import duties, it’s not easy to get a Tesla in China despite the growing demand for premium and luxury vehicles – no less in a market that’s in dire need of zero-emissions vehicles.

That hasn’t stopped people from jacking up the price of the Tesla Model X even more, as sellers from the Chinese gray market are charging up to $240,000 for the crossover, according to Autoblog.

In the US, the P90D version of the crossover costs $115,500, and after import duties it asks for an equivalent of $170,000 in China. It is rather surprising that, due to its prestige, people are willing to pay double the original price for a Model X.

Tesla has made quite a name for itself in China, so much so that it makes for the second largest source of Model 3 reservations. As for the Model X, is it because of the falcon wings that gray market sellers can charge more than a Bentley Bentayga for it?

Plus not buying the electric crossover directly from Tesla means that there won’t be any applicable warranty in case anything goes wrong. Well, to give Chinese the benefit of the doubt, news of reliability issues with the Model X probably don’t filter through to them.