Ford is working really hard for its marque Ford F-150 truck make strong efficiency gains while retaining its heavy-lifting prowess. The first step has been shifting to an aluminum build, to little mileage improvements.

Blue Oval is going to follow that up with a more ambitious move into hybridization, which should arrive by the end of the decade.

After that, though this sounds like a real stretch, would an all-electric Ford F-150 be possible? Well, Tesla proves that it might be.

Compared to the F-150 which tows up to more than 10,000lbs, the 2016 Tesla Model X does a maximum of only 3,500lbs. The initial tow rating was 5,000lbs, but it was eventually cut down. It is a unibody SUV after all.

Model X Can Flex

That doesn’t mean the SUV can’t tow. A range test by trailer producer Bowlus proves that while towing a trailer weighing 2,300lbs at about 50mph, the Model X managed to return 70 percent of its official range rating. On the entry-level 70D model, that would mean roughly 150 miles can be achieved.

That’s really not bad. Some users who have been using the Model X to tow noted that using Superchargers with a trailer hitched can be rather vexing, so that’s one hurdle that needs to be addressed.

Another thing is cooling – electric motors being exerted by extra loads for prolonged periods are prone to really heating up. But if this and the charging issue could be resolved, there’s no reason why a full-sized big-muscle pickup couldn’t go fully electric in the future.