Although the Chevrolet Bolt is viewed as a game changer for GM, the automaker merely wants buyers to view it as another daily car.

Mike Lelli, Bolt’s chief engineer stressed that, “If you’re going to go to the masses, it can’t be this quirky thing. There are lots of people who like the car not because it’s zero-emissions but because of the way it drives.”

Being quirky is essentially a common trait shared among hybrids and plug-in models, one look at the Toyota Prius and you’ll know that’s true. But, Chevy doesn’t want to be like the others.

The automaker is confident that its $40,000 Bolt could turn out to be the first ever mainstream electric vehicle, according to a report by Automotive News.

The Bolt will still be a unique vehicle but this time around, it will come with an interior fitted with the common features seen in most cars. With the exception of its 10.2-inch touch screen panel and 960lbs battery unit, of course.

GM is set on marketing the Bolt as a small crossover bearing some one-of-a-kind features as this could significantly increase its potential.

The upcoming model comes with a roomy interior that’s perfect for accommodating small groups of people and it is also versatile enough to go further than your typical travels to work.

Stuart Norris, the Bolt’s South Korea-based design director, said that the company placed extra focus on making the Bolt special rather than just plain quirky as they wanted it “to work for more than just the die-hard EV fans.”