To General Motors, the Chevy Bolt is a true game changer. And now, the automaker wants buyers to start looking at the Bolt as just another standard car.

Mike Lelli, Bolt’s chief engineer, clarified that, “If you’re going to go to the masses, it can’t be this quirky thing. There are lots of people who like the car not because it’s zero-emissions but because of the way it drives.”

Being quirky has always been synonymous with hybrid and plug-in models; just look at the Toyota Prius! However, Chevy wants something different. It wants the $40,000 Bolt to be the first ever mainstream EV, as described by Automotive News.

It does come with its own unique style but its interior is equipped with features that most folks are used to – except for its 10.2-inch touch screen panel and the 960lbs battery unit, of course.

Chevy decided to market the Bolt as a small crossover with distinct features as this would boost its potential. This model offers a spacious interior and it’s perfect to carry around a couple of your friends or family as well as versatile enough to go further than merely your daily commute to work.

“There was an emphasis in making the car special rather than stand out as weird. We need it to work for more than just the die-hard EV fans,” said the Bolt’s South Korea-based design director, Stuart Norris.