Recent reports have revealed that dealers in California are actually reducing the pricing of the all-new Chevy Bolt by over 10 percent.

That’s not all – some are currently listing the latest Bolt below the initial MSRP of $37,500. Following the $7,500 federal tax credit and the $2,500 California rebate, some consumers can nab a new Bolt EV for less than $25,000!

This is all reportedly done to push out more sales for Chevy’s latest EV. Sounds like good news to buyers, right?

However, threads on Reddit propose a whole different scenario. Some believe that these dealers are merely reducing the Bolt’s pricing to hook buyers into their dealerships.

There have been plenty of cases where folks walk into a dealer to buy a specific model of car but the salespeople often try hard to talk them into purchasing something else.

This is usually because dealers make minimum profit of selling new cars and maximum profit on used cars, maintenance and warranty work, as stated by one of the commenters. Plus, these dealers may even have stocks up their inventory that they are desperately trying to clear out.

On another note, it looks like the all-new Bolt isn’t as great as advertised by the automaker. Some folks have reported that they changed their mind on buying a Bolt as the seats were too narrow and quite uncomfortable.