The all-new Chevy Bolt has arrived in seven states so far and it appears that some dealers are offering great discounts while others are hiking up the prices to take advantage of the model’s initial hype, according to a report by Automotive News.

It’s obvious that dealers are trying to undercut one another in trying to appeal to a small percentage of early EV adopters. The report states that there is one dealership 100 miles outside of San Francisco that is currently offering the Bolt with up to $3,000 discount.

Managing partner of Greenwood Chevrolet in Hollister, California, Marty Greenwood, revealed that, “We’ve been really aggressive in getting it out there and getting people’s attention..We’re here to sell cars, and we’re in a smaller town, so we need to be a little bit more aggressive.”

“We just watch the market and what’s going on out there. What is the magic number to move the vehicle?” added Greenwood.

Currently, dealers stateside has been offering about $2,000 off the 238-mile EV. Add this in with the $10,000 in Federal and State incentives and the base level MSRP hits a low $20,000. Meanwhile, nationally, buyers have been forking out an average of 5.3 percent below sticker price through last month.

Will this price discrepancies affect GM?

Well, not quite. GM has stated that it doesn’t really care as “If somebody’s marking them down, it’s coming out of their margin,” said Jim Cain, GM’s spokesperson.

Between December last year to February this year, Chevy has successfully sold 2,693 units of Bolt in California and Oregon while New York and several East Coast states have just kicked off sales.