The autonomous driving Chevrolet Bolt EV has already begun testing in GM’s Milford Proving grounds as well as its Warren Tech Center and now it will proceed to test these self-driving cars on the roads of Michigan, according to Torque News.

The state of Michigan had just recently approved the law in support of testing driver-less vehicles. Mary Barra, GM’s Chairman and CEO, revealed that, “Revolutionizing transportation for our customers while improving safety on roads is the goal of our autonomous vehicle technology. Our autonomous technology will be reliable and safe, as customers have come to expect from any of our vehicles.”

Chevrolet had begun testings in San Francisco and Scottsdale since back in June and to date, it is testing out about 40 vehicles in these cities.

The streets of metro Detroit will most likely be used by GM and Chevrolet as a main testing ground for heavy weather driving for the self-driving vehicle. A large part of the tech depends on the radar detecting lane markings which could be hidden under heavy snow and ice, so this will be important to perfect the tech to handle such situations.

The autonomous Bolt EVs will be the first mass-produced vehicle of its kinds and it would most likely be giving the Tesla Model 3 a good run for its money, especially in terms of range, availability, as well as affordability.