The upcoming Tesla Model 3 is striving to be an affordable EV – despite Tesla being an essentially premium brand. However, if it wants to do that, the Model 3 will have to be prepared to take on the Chevy Bolt as the latter appeals under the same notion, too.

That said, Tesla’s Model 3 may have an edge when it’s launched late this year as most Chevy dealers are said to have very little supplies of Bolt for sale, as reported by Torque News.

Based on this, it’s vital that GM starts cranking up its production to bring out more Bolts or carry out promotions, otherwise it’ll risk losing to Tesla.

GM may have had a head start in the market with the Volt and Bolt but it needs to start aiming for a wider reach as many of its competitors are planning to release their EVs too. The competition will definitely heat up then.

Tesla wants to sell the Model 3 at $35,000 which is lower than the Bolt’s $37,000. On top of that, Tesla is also incorporating hi-tech features to appeal to the smartphone-crazy generation.

It looks like GM doesn’t have any other choice aside from investing more effort just to secure its place before the Tesla Model 3 arrives and shakes up the industry.

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H1b · March 13, 2017 at 8:39 am

This makes no sense. One is a small sedan. The other is a compact crossover. These are not vehicles that people cross-shop. Tesla already has almost 400,000 reservations. GM already sells the Bolt. When the Model 3 became available for reservations, there were Tesla stores with literally hundreds of people lined up. Chevy dealers don’t even have two people lined up to order one. A car need not be in stock for a customer to order one. The Bolts in California were sold before dealers had them. There is no competition here.

You can’t say that just because they are both electric with similar prices and ranges that it makes them competitive. You wouldn’t take two ICE cars of the same price and range and call them competitors if they were different platforms.

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