Steve Wozniak, former Apple co-founder, took to Facebook to announce to the world that he had purchased a new Chevrolet Bolt. Wozniak already has 4 units of Tesla’s Model S.

He reveals that the Tesla Model S isn’t exactly appropriate for driving around San Francisco but he repeatedly mentioned that the Supercharger network is the only option for long commutes, aside from his Hummer, of course. The Bolt, on the other hand, is better for daily drivings, said Wozniak.

Many have posted on Wozniak’s Facebook to ask how the Bolt drives compared to the Tesla, to which he replied, “How would I know? I drove it home from the dealer. It was my first time in the car and it was raining heavily. It may be several days before I ever have time to play with it to learn how things like the radio work.”

Jokes aside, folks asking Wozniak to compare the Bolt and Model S is unreasonable due to the significant size difference between both vehicles.

Of course, the Bolt is easier to drive, especially for short distances, as it’s a lot smaller than the Model S. The more appropriate comparison would be between the Bolt and Model 3, which won’t happen until late 2017.