The Chevrolet Volt is the first plug-in electric to reach 100,000 sales in the US, a feat that has been seen coming from many months back as it as its closest sales rival Nissan Leaf continued to spiral downward in the market.

What’s great about the Volt doing so well in the sales chart is that plug-in hybrid doesn’t have any advertising support from GM. In fact, the automaker has admitted that its dealers actually know less about the Volt than prospective buyers.

Its leap over the Nissan Leaf is one thing, but to surpass the Tesla Model S that hasn’t budged from first spot in sales this year is a whole different challenge altogether.

But the Detroit EV could possibly sucker punch the electric sedan and end up as the best-selling nameplate in the plug-in market for 2016, if it continues to post such impressive sales figures in the final months of this year.

In July there were 2,406 units of the Volt sold, the first time it exceeded 2,000 sales this year. That puts it at 12,214 sales so far this year, only 2,000 behind the Model S. It isn’t a big advantage, considering that Tesla is still afflicted by production issues after promising so many times before that its days of sluggish output are behind it.