Those who opt for plug-in electrics for the sake of convenience go for all-electric models because they require no ICE maintenance efforts whatsoever. That’s not true for the Chevrolet Volt, but it still is one of the best-sellers for a reason.

It’s because the 1.5L four-cylinder mill that offers unparalleled versatility and active heating/cooling for blazing or frosty climates doesn’t really require any maintenance compared to a normal ICE vehicle.

Many who have owned the Volt claim that they’ve performed oil changes only once or at most twice since owning the vehicle for several years. In fact, there are those who have barely ever used the gas engine, relying almost entirely on the battery.

Voltec powertrain in Chevrolet Volt

Voltec powertrain in Chevrolet Volt

Besides offering flexibility with the backup ICE, the Volt comes as the perfect vehicle for lazy car owners. Not only does the engine maintain itself, the vehicle’s battery has been proven to be enduring to a fault.

Since its arrival in 2011, there has not been a single warranty action on any of the batteries from the first-gen model due to degradation. Compared to the Nissan Leaf or BMW i3 which cannot match up to its overall range of 420 miles, or even the Tesla Model S which is prone to reliability issues, the Volt is a faultless option.

According to a recent poll by The Car Connection, a good 28 percent of respondents either perform oil changes for the vehicle once a year or hardly ever. For such folks, they simply cannot go wrong with the Volt.