The Chevrolet Volt is currently the top selling model in the US, among plug-in hybrids that is. In the plug-in market that also includes battery-electric vehicles, the Volt is also beaten by the Tesla Model S, when it comes to sales figures.

By November 2016, the Volt recorded a total sales of 21,048 units whereas the Tesla sedan surpassed it by about 2,000 units. The Ford Fusion Energi came in third with an approximate sales of 15,000 units.

Doesn’t sound too bad for the Volt but it really could have been better, way better. The automaker has obviously not tapped into its full potential. A survey by Vilandrie & Co revealed that 60 percent of 2,500 US buyers do not have an idea on what plug-ins are, according to Hybrid Cars.

Shame on You, GM!

That’s not all – about 80 percent of the respondents revealed that they have never experienced riding or driving a plug-in model.

Sierra Club carried out a study which showed that automakers are becoming less focused on marketing their electric offerings compared to their gas models and it indicated that GM isn’t doing enough for the Volt.

At the beginning of 2016, GM admitted that its dealers aren’t generally as fluent as buyers in terms of its best-selling plug-in model, so not having adequate support for the model isn’t actually a surprise.

However, GM spends the most on advertising; $3.5 billion in 2015, according to Advertising Age. Thus, it does seem strange that the automaker is lacking in its effort to tap into the great sales potential of its vehicle.