The Chevy Bolt may be a revolutionary model for General Motors as a whole but the automaker wants buyers to see the Bolt as just another everyday car.

Bolt’s chief engineer, Mike Lelli, stated that, “If you’re going to go to the masses, it can’t be this quirky thing. There are lots of people who like the car not because it’s zero-emissions but because of the way it drives.”

Having odd attributes is pretty common in hybrids and plug-in models – a good example is the Toyota Prius. But, Chevy wants to be different – it believes that the $40,000 Bolt could be the first mainstream EV, as stated by Automotive News.

It does have a unique design but its interior is fitted with the traditional features one would spot in most cars – save for its 10.2-inch touch screen panel and 960-lbs battery unit.

GM decided to advertise the Bolt as a small crossover featuring some unique elements as this could possible hike up its potential. The model comes with a spacious interior which measures one class above the exterior dimensions, perfect for lugging around small groups of folks. Plus, it is also flexible enough to go more than merely travelling to work.

The Bolt’s South Korea-based design director, Stuart Norris, disclosed that, “There was an emphasis in making the car special rather than stand out as weird. We need it to work for more than just the die-hard EV fans.”


Kent · March 18, 2017 at 2:59 pm

Is that to say that classy people don’t like anything beside HUGE vehicle when it’s says “one class above the exterior dimensions”? Or that poor people won’t pay for small cars with class? This is a marketing ploy to make you want to buy big as if big means classy cars. Prius has it’s own class – just ask Hollywood. People buy big cars just like just like buying a Prius. Maybe they just might be say…f-you, I can afford to have an expensive car or that I can afford to drive super fast getting 60+ mph! That’s like being one of four standard sized Americans who weigh the same as the 960-lbs battery unit, and easily say the same thing, f you.

Rennie Allen · March 18, 2017 at 8:20 pm

I would think that Chevy would be happy to sell 5 million “oddball” vehicles like Toyota did with the Prius.

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