The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt may be seen as the first-ever affordable EV made for the mass-market that is capable of a whole lot of range but it looks like it is still struggling to keep up with the Nissan Leaf.

When it comes to sales standings, it is the Nissan Leaf that is currently leading. InsideEVs reports that a total of 3,092 units of Bolt have been sold from January to March 2017 while the Nissan Leaf managed to sell 3,287 units.

Due to this, the Bolt has dropped to the sixth position on the list of top selling plug-in models. The Chevy is currently sitting behind Tesla’s Model X and Model S, the Toyota Prius Prime, as well as the Chevy Volt.

The Chevy may look like the better bet with its 238 miles of range compared to the Leaf’s 107 miles but the fact that the latter has greater availability around US has drastically influenced its sales figures.

Meanwhile, the Bolt will only be reaching most other states in the US in September. Well, here’s hoping that Chevy sees better sales then but even so, it will have to be prepared to compete against the upcoming 2018 Leaf.

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theflew · April 20, 2017 at 9:25 am

It’s hard to compare the sales of two vehicles when one has been selling nationwide for years (Leaf) and the other is just available in 7 states (Bolt) for a little over a month. Prior to that it was only available in 2- 3 states.

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