Back in 2013, the Tesla Model S had won the Motor Trend Car of the Year award and now, it is running for the award once again – this time it’s the 60/75kWh version.

The Tesla Model S will be competing against the Chevrolet Bolt EV, which is running for its very first award. Surprisingly, the Chevrolet Volt failed to make it into this list of finalists. Many folks had thought that the Volt would be one of the nominees, considering its best-seller status.

There’s no doubt that the Model S deserves to be on the list as it comes with one of the best upgrades from the 60kWh battery to the 75kWh, via an OTA update.

The 60kWh version is $8,500 cheaper compared to the 75kWh version. It’ll be a bad idea to opt for the lower one and then decide later on to upgrade it as that would cost you an additional $9,000.

The Tesla Model S and the Chevy Bolt EV are definitely deserving of being in the finalist list but it is such a shame that the Volt failed to nab a spot.

Well, do you think the Chevy Volt was as deserving as the Tesla model and the Bolt EV?

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Don Miller · February 15, 2017 at 6:18 am

Bolt is Motor Trend Car of the Year

It is possible the Model S will be in the running for MT car o the year again this year, but it’s the Tesla Model 3 that the Bolt will be up against assuming the Bolt makes the short list, however to make the short list a model must have a major update during the year and I don’t see GM making any changes to the Bolt.

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