The Dodge Journey is a midsized SUV that tends to make us cringe every time we see it. This cannot be helped because the Journey is just so poor when it comes to drivability and it has nothing exciting to offer.

But despite this known fact, we can’t help but to notice more Dodge Journey on the roads than the Ford Edge – regardless of what the official sales figures are saying. What gives?

Well, it appears that the Journey is easily accepted by the public due to its extreme affordability. Unlike the Ford Edge which retails from $28,000, the Journey can be owned for only $21,000 and Dodge is also more than willing to finance your purchase.

Furthermore, those that opted to purchase the Journey has accepted on the lack of fun and features with the vehicle. This is as long as they can save up more cash and still get a decent midsized SUV with three-rows of seats.

All in all, the Journey is a no-nonsense family hauler that is made to get from point A to point B without any drama. They are just a vehicle made to get the job done. If there is something which Ford can absorb from this, it is to aim hard for affordability.

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