Ford Motor Co. announced on Monday that it will cease all production of the F-150 pickup truck for a week at a Kansas City assembly factory and three other factories would be temporarily shut down over the next couple of weeks.

The F-150, despite being a best-seller in North America with a 5.5. percent increase in sales this year, faced a downfall of a 2.6 percent in its deliveries last month. Automotive News revealed through a data compilation that the company had a large 95 days’ supply of the pickups left at the end of last month.

A estimated 13,000 Ford employees will be terminated during these temporary shutdowns; 4,000 will be in Mexico while about 9,000 will be in the United States. U.S workers with more than a year of experience will be getting 80 percent of their salary during the shutdowns, Ford assures. Yet no mention of compensation for its Mexican workers.

However, Ford said that its F-150 production at the Dearborn Truck Plant in Michigan will go on as per usual.

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