The Ford Focus Electric is making a comeback in 2017 and this time it’ll be boasting 115 miles of range, way more that its predecessor’s 76 miles.

This EPA-rated range was obtained via a Monroney sticker sent by a reader to Electrek. The all-new Focus Electric would be coming with a 33.5kWh battery instead of the previous 23kWh unit.

However, its predecessor won’t be the only vehicle it would be beating – the Ford Focus Electric has finally beaten the Nissan Leaf after years of being inferior to it as the latter only delivers 107 miles of range from a 30kWh battery.

To make matters worse, the Nissan Leaf has already been going down a slippery slope with its sales figure dropping quickly.

The Nissan Leaf is truly no match for the 2017 Ford Focus Electric especially since the latter is fitted with CCS DC fast-charge capability as standard. Look out for the latest Focus Electric arriving some time in 2017 with its new 17-inch Sparkle Silver aluminum wheels and an exquisite White Gold paint option.