About a month ago, Acura made a public apology for being disappointing in the luxury segment – particularly with the TLX. The carmaker said that they finally understood why the TLX is being avoided by the consumers and it is because of the car’s design language.

At first, we thought that Acura’s awakening will finally bring out a much more attractive TLX later this year but the opposite actually happened. The first official photos of the next-gen TLX has surfaced online and it was the ultimate let down.

The TLX may have ditched the much-criticized beak nose but the replacement design is not any better. For a luxury car, the frontal styling is still very comical and weak. The grille shape, in particular, failed to give the upcoming TLX a luxurious uplift.

Some fans are so annoyed by this that they have lost every love for Acura before calling for the carmaker to pack their bags and leave the US.

Personally, we are surprised to see Honda being blind to the definition of good-looking. The latest Honda Accord and Civic are really good looking vehicles and they are made for the domestic market. Why can’t Acura just look at the Accord and the Civic to understand the definition of attractive styling?

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