It’s surprising how Honda was quite hush-hush with its debut of the fifth-generation CR-V crossover.

The brand new Honda CR-V deserved every attention it could get with its revamped model boasting a turbocharged engine, a new chassis, better safety features and a chiseled design.

With all these greatness, Honda could have been making headlines everywhere but the company’s calculative move may have been beneficial for them.

The current CR-V model is still chugging numbers, placing Honda as the No. 2 seller in September with a 1.5 percent increase from last year, amounting to a 263,943 sales.

Honda’s decision to keep the latest CR-V fanfare to a minimum was done in an effort to not jeopardize the current sales numbers for the older CR-V.

Bob Navarre, former chairman of Honda’s dealer advisory board and owner of Valley Honda in suburban Chicago, chimed in by saying that this was a brilliant move by Honda as its currently a high-volume vehicle and putting some percentage of the market on hold earlier than necessary would adversely affect their finances.

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