It’s been quite a long time now that the Honda CR-V has been dominating the compact SUV segment. That said, this does not mean that the model is far from any sins.

One of the most obvious flaw of the CR-V is the vehicle’s dashboard layout.

We’re not talking about the shape of the dashboard as Honda nailed that; we’re talking about Honda’s decision in making the infotainment system such a hassle to use. The touchscreen setup is pretty tricky to operate and it seems to have trouble even carrying out simple tasks such as switching between audio and navigation.

That’s not all – although Honda started offering Apple CarPlay in the new 2017 CR-V, there seems to be no enhancements on the infotainment system. Unfortunately, that dragged the overall experience further down.

However, revamping the dashboard may be too much for the automaker to do for the CR-V right now so it looks like we’ll just have to wait till Honda comes up with a fix.