Honda is headed toward its fourth consecutive annual sales record by successfully selling 97,178 cars and light trucks in January 2017, marking a year-over-year increase of 7.7 percent.

The all new, turbocharged 2017 Honda CR-V was well-received by buyers. Honda Engineering benchmarked the segment with top of the class fuel efficiency ratings as well as on-tap-acceleration, coming close to many midsize premium sedans.

The latest CR-V surpassed its previous record in January by marking a 52.5 percent increase in sales with a total of 29,287 units of sales.

Meanwhile, the Civic and the Accord hasn’t been doing so good. The former recorded a 13.6 percent drop in sales, from 26,741 in January 2016 to 23,095 this year, while the Accord recorded 19,536 sales in January 2017, marking a 5.9 percent drop from its last year’s 20,765 units of sales, according PR News Wire.

However, this isn’t going to affect the company as Jeff Conrad, senior vice president and general manager of the Honda Division, has revealed that, “A steady cadence of products and disciplined sales tactics is the right approach for customers and dealers.”

Well, it looks like the SUV has gone from the third best-selling Honda vehicle to first, with the Civic in second and Accord in third spot.