The crossover category is heating up and Honda is at the top of its game, right now. The Honda CR-V has always been the automaker’s most known model in the US ever since the genesis of its creation dating back to 1997.

So, it really isn’t surprising that its all-new CR-V, expected to be launched on December 21, will be helping Honda rise even further in popularity.

However, the automaker has said that it isn’t aiming for the 2017 CR-V to surpass the Accord or Civic’s best seller position.

According to Automotive News, Jeff Conrad, general manager of Honda, said that he doubt “there was ever a mindset during the development process that this was so big that it could take over the role as the sales leader for the division on a long-term basis.”

Honda is expecting the CR-V to be nothing more than an equal counterpart to the Accord and Civic. The automaker has predicted that these models would be making similar sales figures when their initial sales waves have calmed down.

The 2017 Honda CR-V will be sharing the same modular chassis as the Civic and Accord, however, it will have a revamped interior which boasts luxuriousness. Despite these additions, the CR-V will still be coming with about the same price tag as its predecessor. Well, we think this model is paving its way unto the best seller list, once again.