When the year started, the winter cold stunted sales across the market, and even the usual top-selling nameplates couldn’t help but get cold feet. It didn’t happen to the newly redesigned tenth-gen Honda Civic though.

The compact sedan set the sales charts ablaze by going against the grain to outsell crossovers and SUVs for the first few months of 2016, a feat given that sedans are being crushed by booming demand for utility rides.

Honda’s momentum was also buoyed by the release of the second-gen Ridgeline pickup, which was nothing like the sporty and vibrant Civic but exuded a similar dynamism and charm.

The appeal of these two nameplates spilled over to the refreshed Honda Pilot SUV and Accord mid-size sedan, before Honda hit another high with the unveiling of the fifth-gen CR-V. So it’s no wonder that the automaker has topped Google’s 2016 trending car brands list.

The keyword here is trending, which depends on the spikes, ebbs, and flows of site traffic for any given brand throughout the year rather than simply adding up the number of name searches. Some may disagree with this approach, but hey, that’s how it is now.

The first runner up behind Honda is Mercedes-Benz, followed by Tesla at third, and Volvo at fourth spot. Rounding up the top five is Lamborghini.