Honda will be forking out over $300 million to revamp its Alliston, Ontario, assembly plant where the Honda CR-V and the Civic are produced, as revealed by Automotive News.

The automaker disclosed that it will be investing about $308.7 million whereas the Canadian and the Ontario governments will each be providing Honda with conditional grants, amounting to $31.6 million each.

In a press release, the Ontario government stated that the automaker will be designing and constructing a new paint shop which could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from paint processes by 44 percent.

Besides that, Honda will also be using its funds to conduct research and development to aid future vehicle production as well as assembly technologies. This would include lightweight materials and modern material bonding methods.

Jerry Chenkin, Honda’s Canada CEO, said that these upgrades will open up 4,000 “well-paying, high quality jobs in Alliston and throughout Canada.”

“Technology and innovation never stand still, so it’s essential that Ontario’s auto sector remains globally competitive. Honda is a cornerstone of our sector — accounting for about 17 percent of Ontario’s vehicle output,” said Brad Duguid, Ontario Finance Minister.

He added that “With this partnership, the company and provincial and federal governments are joining forces to ensure that Honda’s skilled Alliston team remains a leader in building the vehicles of tomorrow.”

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