Today, many consumers place emphasis on a lot of other things rather than merely the direct act of driving when it comes to picking out a vehicle.

Car-connectivity seems like a vital element these days. Just look at how smartphones have dominated our lives, it’s simply not that surprising to see it taking over our vehicles, too.

Various survey findings have proven that connectivity in rides matter to the current generation of car consumers and many folks even place it on par to safety.

Many automakers had tried coming with their own infotainment systems; however, they can never match up to the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support. In spite of that, there are a couple of brands that refuse to jump of the bandwagon, such as Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, and Subaru (with the exception of the new Impreza).

Honda isn’t like these brands. It has been striving to go forward by incorporating tech elements that are vital to the tech-obsessed consumers of today. In a matter of a year, Honda has elevated from one to five nameplates equipped with the CarPlay support.

Despite Apple updating its CarPlay support list for the coming year, the Honda Odyssey still remains to be left behind from Honda’s schedule. The CR-V, Ridgeline, Pilot and Accord has all joined the Civic with the exception of this popular minivan. It begs the questions, has it been left out on purpose?

The Honda Odyssey definitely could do with an added edge to take on its competitors as, quite frankly, it doesn’t have anything impressive over the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid or the AWD Toyota Sienna.