It has become quite evident that a lot of what makes a vehicle attractive in the eyes of consumers have little to do with the direct act of driving. And one particular aspect of commuting has gained in importance more than others.

Yeah, we’re talking about in-car connectivity. Given how smartphones have taken over our lives, it follows that they should take over our rides as well.

And yes, there have been surveys earlier this year proving how much connectivity in rides matter to the new generation of car buyers. To many, it’s more important than safety.

Automakers have been making strides when it comes to proprietary infotainment systems, but they simply aren’t as attractive as having Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support. Of course a few notable brands refuse to subscribe to this, such as Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, and to a certain extent Subaru (the new Impreza has CarPlay).

Apple CarPlay

While they remain entrenched in the ways of old, Honda has pushed forward with integrating into their popular offerings what tech-minded consumers want. Within a year, the Japanese brand has moved from one to five nameplates boasting CarPlay support.

But even after Apple has updated its CarPlay support list for 2017, the Honda Odyssey remains missing from Honda’s roster. The CR-V, Ridgeline, Pilot, and Accord have all joined the Civic, but not the popular minivan. Is it deliberately being left out, or is Honda playing it close to the chest this time?

The Odyssey is in need of something special to take on its rivals, as it doesn’t wield any standout features against the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid or the AWD Toyota Sienna.