Honda may have shown great commitment to compete in the midsized pickup truck market but the Ridgeline is still pending to hit its stride on the sales front. The latest Ridgeline debuted about a year ago and never managed to rise up on the sales charts.

It got many labelling the Ridgeline as a failure in the market but this may not be the case today. Honda released their May 17 sales figures and it saw the Ridgeline accumulating 2,956 units sold. This is a huge margin improvement from the previous month and it gives the Ridgeline a new life.

To make it more interesting, the Ridgeline’s May accomplishment has allowed it to leap above more popular names like the GMC Canyon. The latter only managed 2,411 units sold in May last month.

Knowing Honda, they will be keeping a close eye on the Ridgeline sales and will do their part to give the pickup truck more exposure in the market. Is this a sign of better things to come from the Ridgeline?

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