For an automaker that doesn’t do trucks, Honda’s second-gen Ridgeline truck is certainly a great vehicle. Perhaps it has learned from the mistakes that sunk the previous effort, especially with its design.

Hyundai on the other hand has less experience in the segment, so we don’t know if the Santa Cruz pickup is going to sink or soar. We know however that its effort follows the footsteps of the Ridgeline.

This is quite obvious as the inspiration from Honda seems can be detected the profile of the Santa Cruz crossover which roughly takes on the appearance of the first-gen Ridgeline.

But that’s for the concept model. It would be really interesting if Hyundai follows the new Ridgeline in adopting a conventional aesthetic for the Santa Cruz production model, though we hope not.

What we believe it should follow from the Ridgeline is target younger consumers that look for minor pickup abilities for outdoor activities.

It would also be interesting to see how the Santa Cruz is positioned. Honda has stuck to a pretty solid message of promoting the tailgate features of the Ridgeline, through the robust speaker system integrated into the bed of the pickup.

Would Hyundai have a different tech gambit up its sleeve? It could go for muscle and heavy-duty abilities like the Chevy Colorado, though from the concept it looks highly unlikely.