It’s difficult to pick out the most exciting option among all the new options that are arriving to the fourth-gen Jeep Wrangler JL.

There is the 300hp turbo-four engine, the turbo EcoDiesel that’s finally coming to the US, the pickup truck and also a mild hybrid version to pick from when it arrives next year.

These versions will be coming with significantly better fuel efficiency all thanks to its aluminum design of the 4×4.

That’s not all – it is the Wrangler that makes the most appearance in various annual auto shows with custom and special edition models. It’s obvious that tuners and garages just adore tweaking this off-roader.

Kahn Design seems to take the cake, though. This British-based aftermarket design specialist has long been known for playing around with the Land Rover Defender. The company wants to make its mark in the US and it will be using the Wrangler to achieve its goal.

Kahn Design HQ in Bradford, UK

It’s not surprising that the Jeep halo nameplate is being used as it is the most loved in the US. Out of its total global sales, 80 percent is derived from its home market. Plus, since the Defender has been terminated, for now, it just doesn’t seem to be the perfect choice.

Kahn has opted for the Wrangler Black Hawk Edition model as its first impression vehicle stateside. Chelsea Truck Company developed it and it made its debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show in March.

Jeep Wrangler Black Hawk Edition

This will be the first of an array of models from Kahn for the US market. We can expect more from them once the Wrangler pickup makes its way into dealerships.