It’s often the case that the higher part of society splurges in the finer things life has to offer, but according to analysts from Edmunds this isn’t always true.

They had examined 2016 year-to-date new vehicle’s registration in line with total household incomes above $250,000 and it is revealed that this sector of the community mostly go after rough-handling models such as the Wrangler and F-150.

This list of top 10 vehicles America’s rich bought in 2016 has defied common stereotypes as it revealed that premium buyers aren’t even going for much luxury brands.

Other models which made it into the list are the Ford F-Series, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Lexus RX, BMW X5, Ford Explorer, Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot, Honda CR-V and the Honda Accord.

It looks like majority of premium buyers aren’t much different from the average American as the list consisted of eight SUVs, one passenger car as well as a pickup truck.