A Jeep Wrangler costs about $27,895 in the U.S for the Unlimited version and if you add another $56,000 to that figure, you’ll be able to get a Wrangler Hellcat.

If that’s not exorbitant enough for you, Dakota Customs from Rapid City had created a 707hp and 650 lb-ft torque Wrangler Hellcat which could rake up a figure of $83,895. This is more than a fully-loaded Grand Cherokee SRT.

This is a big figure but don’t forget that the crate variant of the 6.2-liter Hellcat-spec HEMI V8 is priced at $20,295, minus engine covers and all other accessories. In the case of the Hellcat Wrangler, $56,000 would be inclusive of stainless steel Borla headers, Walbro dual fuel pump system, custom intake with AFE cone filter, intercooler system as well as a CSF heavy-duty radiator.

The Wrangler Hellcat sold by Dakota Customs recently boasts a number or optional features to give it an edge off the track. They had added the 37-inch tires, Fox remote reservoir shock absorbers, a lift kit and RCV axle shafts.

However, there is an issue with the Dakota Customs Hellcat Wrangler. It comes with a fine print that says, “conversion is intended for off-road use only and not guaranteed to pass all emissions.”

Spending more cash for more powerful options doesn’t necessarily pay off. In this case, folks can spend an extra $56k for a Hellcat upgrade but the conversion limits the Wrangler to off-road use and would compromise on its fuel consumption.

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