In comparison to the current Elise Sport, the 2017 Elise Sport and Elise Sport 220 will be trimming 90 lbs off its weight. The all-new Elise Sport will be employing a lightweight lithium ion battery that shaves off about 20 lbs, lightweight alloy wheels reducing 11 lbs and carbon fiber race seats cutting off 13.2 lbs.

Aside that, the Elise Sprint trim line will be incorporating a carbon fiber roll hoop, access panel and engine cover along with a polycarbonate rear windscreen – this trims off another 13.2 lbs.

There are also optional weight trimmers such as a two-piece brake discs reducing 8.8 lbs and carbon fiber doorsill covers cutting off about 1.79 lbs. All these will result in a 1,759 lbs Elise Sprint.

The trim line offers a 134hp 1.6L naturally aspirated Elise Sport and a 217hp 1.8L supercharged Elise Sport 220. The former will be capable of hitting a 0-60mph in 5.9 seconds whole the latter will need only 4.1 seconds for the same.

Meanwhile, the interior of the Sprint models will be featuring “colored inserts for the seats, transmission surround and HVAC surround, optional Alcantara trim and contrasting stitching,” as described by AutoGuide.

The arrival of the Elise Sprint to Lotus’ lineup comes alongside an upgraded variant of the Elise. The whole Elise series will be sporting a lighter front ‘clamshell’ section with larger front intakes, a new rear panel with differing taillights and a revamped underbody to aid aerodynamics.

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