Take one look at the 2017 Mazda CX-5 and you’ll notice that there isn’t much difference on this latest model from the previous version.

But, hold your judgments – it is what’s inside that truly matters. Mazda has implemented some serious changes in that aspect; for one, the CX-5 boasts library-silence cabin.

The automaker didn’t merely throw in some additional sound deadening elements, instead it took strict measures in making sure the parts fit perfectly to reduce the tendency of outside noises entering the cabin.

Other design changes include the windshield wipers being lowered below the hoodline. Aside that, the new CX-5 comes with a cargo fitted with fabric throughout in a bid to absorb sounds.

That’s not all – Mazda also employed “thicker glass, additional insulation in the doors and pillars, new door jamb seals, and a felt-lined plastic panel beneath the vehicle to block road noise at the source,” as described by AutoGuide.

All these elements produce a cabin that’s way quieter than before. Mazda also states that its latest CX-5 sits close to the BMW X3, in terms of both its articulation index and sound pressure scores.

There is also a lot of “visual noise improvements” inside and outside the brand new model. Although these may seem like small changes separately, it all adds up to making the CX-5 stand out from the rest of the compact crossover pack.

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