Thanks to Tesla, electric vehicles aren’t just confined to saving the environment. They have grown to be able to take on some big names in performance, or at least the Tesla Model S has. Some heavyweights have even been shamed by the sedan.

But according to a head-to-head from Carwow, the Nissan GT-R is no pushover against the Model S. Instead of comparing Godzilla to the Model S P100D, the 90D variant was picked.

Why? Because it falls within the same price range as the GT-R. So the test would be a fair assessment on whether gasoline or electric offers better value for money in the realm of performance.

If you don’t have the patience to sit through an 8-minute video, well then here’s the lowdown: in terms of going off the mark the Model S beats the GT-R without question. While it took off with ease, Godzilla was trying to find its footing with the right gear.

But once the Nissan sports car sorts itself out, it simply whizzes past the Tesla. And in the quarter-mile run, the GT-R put the Model S to bed with a time of 10.9 against 12.2 seconds.

What all this means is that the Model S would offer more fun in congested urban settings, given how much zip it brings to the table from low speeds or standstill positions. But where there is a long stretch of road, the GT-R is the easy pick.