Nissan’s decision to venture into the EV industry may have looked like a sales flop to many people but the executive manager of Boulder Nissan in Boulder, Colo has a whole different opinion.

Ted Christiano revealed that, “The Leaf now accounts for 80 percent of the new cars we sell here…We’re doing a great business with them.”

This particular store has been doing things right in selling the Leaf, especially in terms of reaching out to a wider audience via social media and sending sales consultants into the community to demonstrate how an EV works.

Christiano is currently selling 200 to 300 units of Leaf per year. Nissan has 1,1000 dealers in the US and if all of them manages to sell this many, the company would need to open a bigger Leaf plant. However, Nissan only managed to sell 14,006 Leafs last year.

This is because not many Americans have jumped on the EV bandwagon but in some markets, these models are highly in demand.

Automotive News reports that the Leaf is currently outselling the Altima in Seattle while Leaf sales have almost tripled in Kansas, Delaware, New Jersey, Minnesota and Connecticut.

It appears that EV sales are increasing in the midst of the growing love of pickups among Americans. The report states that EV sales have increased by almost 19 percent last year, on top of a 5 percent hike in 2015.

Jeff Schuster, senior vice president of forecasting at LMC Automotive, stated that, “Several European and Asian brands will be launching EV versions of their SUV/CUVs over the next three years, which will line up better with consumer tastes and segment trends,” Schuster told Automotive News. “As advancements in range continue, costs come down and charging is more convenient, interest in EVs will rise.”

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