It’s quite sad to see the Nissan Leaf slowly crumbling, despite being Nissan’s most successful EV. It has been reported that the sales of the electric hatch has dropped in the United States as well as in international markets.

Maybe the automaker wanted to see how low can the Leaf sink in the plug-in market. It did, after all, decided to only offer one battery option for the 2017 Leaf.

To make things worse, the only option isn’t even an enhanced version. It’s the same 30kWh unit that’s worth only 107 miles of range, which is way lower than what its competitors are offering.

InsideEVs reports that the 30kWh Leaf costs $287 per mile of EPA estimated range, this is cheaper when you look at Model S 75 at $299 per mile, Model S 90D at $304 per mile, Model S 75D at $307 per mile and the BMW i3 at $382 per mile.

Source: InsideEVs

However, we can’t ignore that Tesla and BMW produce premium vehicles which makes that an unfair comparison. It would be better to put the Leaf against those inside its price range, such as the Ford Focus Electric and Chevrolet Bolt.

But, lo and behold, these models are cheaper than the Leaf when it comes to range-based value. The Bolt sits at the utmost top in the plug-in market, costing only $154 per mile, whereas the Focus Electric cost $253 per mile.

And, keep in mind that this is even before factoring in federal tax credits.

So, if you’re looking at a surface level, the Leaf may seem like the more appealing option rather than the Bolt as it sells for about $5,000 less. However, go deeper into terms of value and you’ll see that the Chevrolet Bolt clearly crushes the Nissan Leaf.