There are currently 16 variants of the Porsche 911 but that doesn’t seem to be enough for the automaker as it recently announced another five versions to the mix.

Despite Porsche sitting out of the Detroit Auto Show, it announced that it will be bringing the GTS Coupe, Cabriolet and Targa versions into the all-turbocharged universe with a significant improvement over their Carrera S versions.

The GTS comes with the 3.0-liter flat six which brings about bigger turbochargers worth 450 horsepower, equaling to 30 more than the Carrera S and 20 more than the 2016 GTS series.

On top of that, it also has 402 lb-ft of torque that surpasses the existing Carrera S by 37 lb-ft and the previous GTS by 80 lb-ft. The all-new 911’s updated seven-speed manual transmission is standard and provides easy driving, while PDK retains as an option.

Save for the rear-drive GTS Coupe, every other 911 GTS version comes with the Porsche Active Suspension Management. The GTS Coupe gets the PASM Sport and its 0.39-inch lower ride height.

Besides that, all these versions come with the Carrera 4’s larger rear track as well as optional “Sport Design” lower fascia, complete with “20-inch center lock wheels, tinted taillights and a unique black finish for the front spoiler, rear engine intake strips and the twin pipes of the standard sport exhaust,” revealed AutoBlog.

The Targa’s signature center bar is also finished in black, for the first time ever, making it appear like the most prominent look of the GTS versions.

Interior wise, the four-way power Sport Seats Plus are a standard. It consist of a mix of leather and Alcantara which is also utilized to wrap the GT Sport steering wheel, gear lever and center armrest. There would also an improved Porsche Track Precision App, that records and studies your track use.

The first batch of these five GTS versions will be arriving to dealers in April with the rear-drive Carrera GTS priced at about $119,000 while the Carrera 4 GTS Cabriolet and Targa 4 GTS is expected to go for about $138,200.