A report from InsideEVs reveals that based on Model3Tracker.info, almost every reservation holder of the Tesla Model 3 plans to upgrade their vehicle.

This isn’t all that surprising, seeing that most of the famous Tesla features will not be coming as standard. Plus, better-equipped models will be launched earlier than the base models. On top of that, the car is said to be way cheaper than Tesla’s existing offerings.

The report states that the website is tracking 6,300 Model 3 reservation holders. Out of the total amount, 65 percent plans to nab the Autopilot while 43.07 percent plans to opt for the Enhanced Autopilot.

Meanwhile, 39.75 percent are aiming for a larger battery pack whereas 11 percent are hoping for dual motor (no Ludicrous). And, 8 percent are keen on forking out for the Ludicrous option.

Based on that figures, 93 percent are interested in features above the standard features. Most of the buyers are keen in investing in longer range compared to greater performance.

The word on the street is that the Model 3 will be fitted with a battery capacity options between 50 to 75kWh. Although there isn’t any way to discover Tesla’s actual plan, Paul Carter, founder of Model3Tracker.info, hasn’t got his hopes high for the first wave of Model 3 vehicles to be fitted with a larger, unlockable battery option.

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