CEO Elon Musk of Tesla disclosed not too long ago that users can anticipate a range of at least 215 miles for the soon-to-arrive Tesla Model 3.

However, it’s becoming evident that many people aren’t buying Musk’s contention. Based on a recent poll that asked respondents what would be the most unexpected thing about the Tesla Model 3, it turned out that 43 percent had selected ‘Electric Range’.

It seems possible for the Model 3 to have a battery option, similar to the Model S and the Model X. If that were to happen, expect to see longer ranges with the assistance of larger and more pricier batteries.

A large percentage of buyers aren’t believing Musk’s 215 miles statement as many are expecting the Model 3 to go over 250 miles in range.

Well, we can’t tell right now so it looks like we’ll have to be patient until the model arrives to see what has been packed under the hood. The Model 3 is definitely coming with a whole lot of enhancements; will it be able to maintain its base price at nothing more than $35,000?

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Stash · January 5, 2017 at 8:22 am

“…will it be able to maintain its base price at nothing more than $35,000?”

Not a snowball’s chance in Hades.

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