The 2017 Tesla Model 3 is, no doubt, a popular model right now but it looks like there may be some issues pertaining to it.

The Model 3 has been receiving huge pre-orders already and Tesla may be struggling to keep up with this growing demand. This is because the company is currently behind in its capacity.

To combat this, Tesla had opened its first Gigafactory in Nevada and it will soon open up the sequel, the Gigafactory 2, in Europe, as revealed by Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, and JB Straubel, CTO.

During a press conference, Musk had confirmed that Tesla is looking toward channeling “significant investments” in Germany. He had also said that its factory will be making batteries along with fully completed cars.

Tesla had launched its second factory in the hopes of helping it increase its production capacity as well as to make sure that it will not face any supply constrains in the future. Well, this sure looks like it won’t be facing problems in keeping up with the demand.

Musk failed to mention anything on the timeline of this project; however, he did say that it will begin once the company has “a clear handle on Model 3 production next year.”

The Model 3 production is expected to begin sometime in the middle of 2017 followed by a mass production by the end of the same year.