Tesla doesn’t seem to have much choice left but to try to produce the Model 3 as fast as possible in order to fulfill the vehicle’s 400,000 pre-orders, even if that means making many mistakes.

However, it looks like Tesla has already got this under control. Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, and Peter Hochholdinger, head of vehicle production, has long boasted of Tesla’s ability to churn out cars at a fast rate and the company is even aiming towards producing over a half million cars per year.

In order to keep up with the Model 3’s demand, Tesla would need to buck up its production at the Gigafactory as well as its Fremont factory.

“The factory itself is considered to be a product. The factory is the machine that builds the machine. It actually deserves more attention from creative and problem solving engineers than the product it makes. What we’re seeing, if we take a creative engineer and apply them to designing the machine that makes the machine, they can make 5 times as much headway per hour, than if they work on the product itself,” clarified Musk.

The Tesla CEO had also said that the Gigafactory and eventually all the other factories, will be functioning like a huge supercomputer. This means that the automaker is planning to remove humans from the assembly line to improve production speed. The humans will then be focusing on the machines rather than constructing the vehicles.

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