Tesla’s Elon Musk announced that there will be some enhancements coming up for its Fremont, California plant in a bid to inject some fun into the work environment. This comes in light of the recent unionization issue.

Musk revealed that the factory may be getting an “electric pod car roller coaster” which would take workers to and fro the factory’s parking lots and through the factory, as disclosed in an e-mail Musk sent out to employees.

Musk also said that he would be bringing in amenities in the likes of frozen yogurt machines where workers can get access to free desserts.

It’s pretty obvious that Musk is hoping to curb the possibility of his workers unionizing at the factory. Tesla’s chief stressed that a Tesla worker could make as much as $25,000 per year more than employees in other US automaker’s factories.

Musk had also refuted allegations from a Tesla factory worker who said that long hours had forced most of his team to go on medical leave about the same time.

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