Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has always been pretty vocal with fans and this time he has swiftly responded to an employee’s claims of low salaries and injuries during work – but not in a way that made the employee happy.

Musk refuted all the claims via an email to employees and statement to media outlets and added that the employee was merely a paid union agitator.

Recently, Jose Moran revealed that the company’s employees “routinely work well over 40 hours a week, including excessive mandatory overtime” and that these employees often suffered “preventable injuries,” as reported by a Medium post.

Employees do not have any other choice aside from sucking it up and continue working as they need to make ends meet and the higher cost of living around Tesla’s Fremonth, California plant isn’t making anything easier.

Green Car Reports reveals that Tesla production workers usually earn about $17 to $21 per hour while the average stands at $25.58 per hour for US auto workers.

Moran added that the employees had contacted the United Auto Workers Union but upon realizing the situation, Tesla management started offering a raise in the employees’ basic salary. However, the employees were forced to sign confidentiality agreements.

Tesla is obviously working their employees to the bone just so the Model 3 would be out in time but is it really worth causing this much stress, financially and physically, to these innocent employees?