There have been worries about Tesla Superchargers being hogged by inconsiderate users. You know, those who blissfully leave their rides there for prolonged periods even though they were done charging up like, an hour ago.

While the Palo Alto automaker has stepped in to enforce an idle fee of 40 cents per minute to whosoever leaves their Model S or Model X on a charging spot upon reaching full charge, another solution may already be at hand.

CEO Elon Musk recently tweeted about the upcoming implementation of Supercharger V3 which would apparently dwarf whatever the current Superchargers can dole out. At the moment, they max out at 150kW, and it seems that even twice that figure is too meager for Musk.

The superstar chief exec chuckled at speculation that the third version of Tesla’s Superchargers would deliver 350kW, so people are thinking that it would offer at least 500kW. By being able to charge their rides so quickly, folks won’t have to worry about others hogging Superchargers, right?

Well, there have been an argument against this ‘bigger is better’ approach which goes somewhere along the lines ‘bigger is hotter’, with hotter meaning quicker battery degradation. Charging too quickly leads to batteries getting worn out too soon.

At the end of the day, whoever’s right or wrong, it’s hard to deny that Tesla is doing all it can to keeps u with the pace of its own astronomical ambitions surrounding the buzzed up Model 3.