It sounds pretty absurd, but a Nissan Leaf could be of help to any Tesla Model S owners who find themselves stranded by the side of the road without any gas fuel.

How’s that? Well, at the risk of sounding like a commercial, through the use of the V2V ORCA INCEPTIVE on-board charger that charges from CHAdeMO to CHAdeMO systems.

Well, thankfully the Model S does have a CHAdeMO adapter, which allows charge to be sent from the Leaf to any empty Model S. And oh yeah, this V2V ORCA system is available courtesy of Andromeda Power.

This would sound more believable if it was the other way around, as even the most basic Model S has more than twice the capacity of the Leaf and much better access to charging stations.

Plus, seeing that Tesla is about to introduce much quicker fill-ups for its Superchargers, what are the chances of the Model S being stranded due to an empty stomach? But hey, anything can happen right?