Apart from the Autopilot controversy, there isn’t much to complain about the Tesla Model S. For its 2017 model, the inclusion of the Bioweapon Defense Mode add-on from the Model X as well as a 100kWh battery option is more than enough for many.

But what about third-party options? What about the convenience of wireless charging? Evatran, a name familiar to a lot of folks, has launched a wireless charging pad for the Model S called Plugless, and it retails for around $2,500.

The great thing about the it is that it isn’t complicated. It’s a circular pad not unlike wireless smartphone chargers that could be used both indoors and outdoors. Being able to provide 20 miles (7.2kW) of range per hour, Plugless would be appealing for use at the workplace as well.

So far, the pad is only compatible with the RWD Model S, though Evatran is currently making it available for the AWD version as well as the Model X.

However, wireless charging for vehicles has been criticized for its inefficiency, which basically translates to higher home electricity bills. Many owners have also said before that, much like smartphones, the added convenience of not having to plug in is negligible, and not worth the extra costs.