Reports of other automakers planning to directly compete against the Tesla Model S should be met with doubt, as there have been too many that didn’t amount to anything more than rumors and speculation.

But if there is word of Porsche taking on any Tesla vehicle, it should be taken more seriously, given that the automaker did follow through with its word on the Porsche Mission E, which is aimed right at the Model S.

According to Autocar, the Model X is set to welcome an all-electric crossover competitor from Porsche, though the German car maker hadn’t yet said anything about the matter.

A report from Carscoops threw in a wild guess and said that it could actually be the peculiar lifted Panamera test mule spotted in the wild recently.

Or the dedicated electric crossover could be based on the four-door Porsche Mission E, and may be more popular as it rides on the stronger momentum of the premium crossover segment that has still has a long way before its robust growth hits a plateau.

The Mission E may lend this rumor some credence, but it remains highly speculative and should be taken with a grain of salt. We’ll see what happens.