2017 Toyota Prius Prime: Tickles Chevy Volt With Ambition

Despite its horrid design (a few may argue otherwise), it is difficult to deny that the 2016 Toyota Prius is a more than exciting vehicle on the tarmac with yet unmatched fuel economy.

We think it would be safe to say the same about the upcoming second-gen Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid that’s known simply as the Prius Prime – terrible design, great overall credentials.

In view of that, we think Toyota has gone mad in respect to what it believes its upcoming PHEV is commercially capable of.

The automaker believes that the Prius Prime, which is set to be the closest rival to the Chevrolet Volt plug-in, is good enough to bring in roughly 60,000 sales in its first year in the market.

The best attempt at explaining this lofty Prius Prime ambition is to look at the sales of the Chevy Volt, which most would agree is more or less unrivaled by any other PHEVs in the market.

Worldwide, the Volt has sold just over 100,000 units since its inception at the end of 2010, which makes for more than five years of sales. Even the highly ambitious goal of 30,000 annual sales for the Chevy Bolt by GM is put to shame by how high Toyota is aiming.

3 thoughts on “2017 Toyota Prius Prime: Tickles Chevy Volt With Ambition

  • Old plug in Prius seated 5.. this one seats 4. Old PiP had a bigger trunk, for weekend trips… this one is smaller. Who cares if it goes a few more miles on EV?

  • The Prius Prime’s battery size is LESS THAN HALF the Volt’s and the Prime will only have 4 seats…?? The new Volt squeezed in a 5th seat albeit small but can still possibly seat a child.

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